TEZGEN OTOMOTIV LTD,  under  Armor Protected Glass brand, is a safety glass producing  company under the benner of MEDIKA MCN LDA headquarted at Portugal that has been meeting the needs of its customers around the world for the past many decades. Enduring investments on know how and machinery and equipments ;  Tezgen has been also offering  a wide variety of products and services in bulletproof glass for the last 15 years.

Basically ; Bulletproof glass is a security glass which is consisted of laminating the multilayer laminated glass and polycarbonate sheet layer.. Multilayer laminated glass is constructed  to flatten;the bullet, and absorb energy of it,  while  polycarbonate shows perfect performance on preventing the spalling. At ArmorProtected Glass ; our ultimate target is to produce the thinnest and lightest bulletproof glass.

We be optain our raw material from the proven European and US companies ; such as SABIC - Netherland , M.J.R - USA , NOVA GENIO-Spain , and TROSIFOL - Germany.

Our Bullet Resistance Glasses are certified as NIJ 0108.01 standards and European EN 1063.